How Do You Sell The Intangible?

sales Feb 07, 2023

How do you sell value in something your customer cannot see?


How do you sell the intangible?


You hear it a lot. Speak to the problem. Find the underlying issues your customer is dealing with. But how does that sell value?


When you truly understand your customer’s real concerns and frustrations and clearly explain how your product will solve the problem they just shared with you, your product has now become valuable to them.  


It does not have to be complicated for your customer to see the value you bring if you can determine the concerns and problems they are facing correctly.


Let me give you an example. 


Customer- Wants a website Overhaul (Problem)

They have worked with others before and felt like it was a waste of money because they didn’t communicate with them, and they felt taken advantage of (The underlying REAL problem) 


Your Response 

“It is frustrating when you trust someone to help your business, and they let you down. I would be hesitant to work with someone new as well.  

In regards to helping with that, we set up weekly check-ins with our customers to share where we are at with the project and give them opportunities to share their feedback. It allows them to be a part of the process and not feel like they are in the dark.

Should you decide to work with us, the first thing we do is schedule those weekly calls. 

Does that sound like something you would be comfortable with?”


Just focus on how your products, services, or systems will help solve the concerns and hesitations your customer just shared with you. 


If you do this and continually trace your solution to their problems, you will help them see your product's intangible value.

You can become confident in your sales conversations.

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